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South Lake Tahoe - 4 Men Arrested
South Lake Tahoe - 4 Men Arrested

4 Suspects Arrested In South Lake Tahoe Alleged Drug House Raid

Four men, including Blockchain Novelties owner Leo Bailey, were arrested after narcotics detectives from the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office (EDSO) executed a search warrant at a South Lake Tahoe home on Thursday, October 15. Leo Bailey is the owner of Blockchain Novelties, an online seed bank.

Blockchain Novelties Owner Arrested

Upon arrival, the following four suspects were detained inside the residence:

  • Leo Bailey, age 39
  • Benjamin Bailey, age 36
  • Randall Bailey, age 57
  • Michael Patterson, age 30

According to EDSO, Michael Patterson attempted to flee from the residence on foot but surrendered to a Sheriff K9 police dog.

Butane Hash Oil Labs Found In South Lake Tahoe Home

A search of the residence revealed two active closed-loop BHO labs used to commercially mass-produce concentrated cannabis. 231 marijuana plants were found growing indoors and all of them were eradicated and seized. Detectives located more than 100 pounds of processed marijuana, 30 pounds of processed BHO, and two handguns.

The investigation also revealed that suspect Leo Bailey was likely shipping marijuana and BHO throughout the United States including Puerto Rico, and other countries.

EDSO Sgt. Anthony Prencipe

All four suspects were arrested and booked for the following:

  • Manufacturing a controlled substance
  • Operating and maintaining a drug house
  • Possession of marijuana for sales
  • Criminal conspiracy

They are currently in the El Dorado County Jail in South Lake Tahoe on over $2,000,000 bail each.

No other information, including the address where the labs were allegedly located, is available at this time.

The police mentioned that they “likely” were shipping marijuana and BHO throughout the USA and other countries, but have yet to give an explanation to this theory.

Why is it that child molesters in the same county are only given a $20,000 bail?

There are a lot of unanswered questions. Please chime in below with your thoughts.

Wanna help? Go see their GoFundMe and donate what you can to help them fight the good fight.

GoFundMe Page For Leo Bailey, His Friends & Family
GoFundMe Page For Leo Bailey, His Friends & Family

Shelby B is organizing this fundraiser.

This is the FREE ALCHEMY FUND! My name is Shelby and I have arranged this fundraiser on behalf of Leo Bailey. The sole purpose of this fundraiser is to seek support for legal and living expenses for Leo Bailey, his father and brother They have all been arrested and charged with multiple felonies related to a cannabis grow bust and are now being held with bail exceeding $2,000,000 each. Leo is being held without bail. As we all know, marijuana is recreationally legal in California and has been medically legal in this state since 1996. So why are they still treating growers like criminals running a drug enterprise? Murderers get more reasonable bail terms

Without serious fundraising support, they will be another victim to the war on drugs and the evil Prop64 has done in California. Our legal team estimates that we are looking at fees in excess of $75,000 to retain defense for all parties involved. As of right now, they are facing serious prison time and no realistic opportunity for bail. In addition to the mounting legal expenditures, we are at a loss as to how we will keep up on the mortgage and bills while everyone is locked up and completely powerless.

Leo Bailey, alchemyofawesome, humbly hopes that his friends in the community will step up to help him at the lowest point in his life. He has been there for so many others when they needed him and now we pray that karma will come back around.

Leo’s elderly father, on-the-spectrum brother, and childhood best friend have all been wrapped up in this as co-conspirators. We have been in constant contact with legal representation discussing all possible avenues and the short of itโ€ฆ the DA wants to make an example of them. We are desperate to find any means to make sure these guys have a fair shot at a defense and reasonable sentencing. All proceeds will be used on legal defense and rebuilding the lives of these 4 men.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read that. Whether you can donate or not, please just keep us all in your positive thoughts. This has rocked an entire family and we are VERY scared for the futures of our loved ones.


UPDATE: Everyone has made bail and they are awaiting trial. The recent fires in the Lake Tahoe area have made it hard for everyone and their court dates have been rescheduled to a later date. Once there is more news on this case, we will post it for you. Thank you to all who sent money through GoFundMe.

Izzy Bruno

Izzy came to Seed Bank Magazine from a cannabis magazine based in Italy. She was born and raised in Genova, Italy. She is a seasoned weed reporter. She frequents the High Times venues in California and overseas. She loves to take pictures of what she is writing about and she has a strong background in macro photography.

Izzy is a great writer and photographer. She helps fill in the gaps at Seed Bank Magazine and we would be lost without her.



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  • Leo Bailey is a con artist and a scumbag. He makes his living off of screwing others out of money. He always has a scam going. He raises funds for businesses that always end up slowly failing and then he starts a new project. He recently took me on a ride and promised to make me a partner in his new crypto business that started out string and then was delayed for 3 months and all the money I had invested was gone. He dragged a few good men with him all the way to the end and he is still milking his failed business for funds while everyone else who invested lost all their money. Don’t fall for all the news articles written about him. They were written by himself and his team, not by any actual news sources. He pays to have stories run about himself..

    He started up in crypto recently (like 2 years ago) and after a year, he was calling himself a crypto-genius. He would have himself announced as a master crypto consultant. He paraded around the community after working for HOGE for a year doing random stuff for them and then somehow became a self-made crypto genius. He had the audacity to try and tell me what I needed like his experience was greater than my 10 years. He knows just enough to where he can Google the rest or sound intelligent enough to convince people he’s something he’s not. When in reality, he doesn’t know jack sh*t. He started a crypto token and thought it was the same as a coin and called it Paradox NFT Coin or some nonsense. And thats just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his bloopers. I could talk all day about how ridiculous Leo Bailey is. He is a nobody who failed in cannabis, got busted, and then got interested in crypto and presented himself as something he wasn’t to take a stab at his own business and then failed again. Leo Bailey hired a developer to build him a website that should’ve taken 30 days (a clone website with additions) and it’s been almost a year and the scammer who scammed him is still milking him. Actually, I heard he finally got rid of the guy who was ripping him off for tens of thousands of dollars. It’s all karma. He scammed people and got scammed himself. He couldn’t even spot a fellow scammer. Sad. What a joke!

    I hope he serves the time he deserves. He is a scammer.


    Trust me, I had to learn the hard way……

    Give us our money back Leo Bailey!

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  • Itโ€™s been a while but I can assure you that if you donated to Leoโ€™s GoFundMe youโ€™re marked and on a watchlist. Leo is getting canceled. Anyone caught helping him will be next.

    This comment was left using a fake email address and will be held for 30 days. If someone does not email us within the 30 days to claim this post, it will be deleted. The email that was left for this message was “[email protected]” and we noticed that this email address was unreachable and possibly fake on Jan 30, 2022 at 14:44. Please claim this message by emailing [email protected]

    • Is this Neptune from the Neptune Seed Bank? Why do you say that? GoFundMe is working with the feds? What’s wrong with Leo?

  • Operating without a license while other people follow the rules will always end in this kind of justice. Follow the rules. It’s extremely simple.

  • I just heard from someone (and confirmed) that they are all out, except one I think. I’m not sure if they’re out on bail or what, but one of those biggest supporters told me that he talked to Leo Bailey a few days ago and that he was out. He wouldn’t give me any other information except that Leo told him he was really upset about all the orders that people had paid for and have been waiting to ship this whole time. I hope they are our for good. I hope they turn things around and make an example of the stupid f***ing pigs that threw together this bulls**t investigation.
    You’ve always been the best seed bank and most importantly, the best seed bank owner. All these other a**wipes were posting like $1 and $5 donations on your gofundme to advertise their seed banks names. They shouldn’t allow people to post their donator names as business names. If they really were donating because they cared, they’d put ‘anonymous’ anyways. I’m not saying it’s bad to let them know who sent the donation, but don’t put your business name or ‘from the team at whatever seed bank’. People aren’t stupid and they can see right through your intentions.
    Sorry for the rant, I just couldn’t believe how low some of these other seed banks would go for a little advertising.
    Stay up. Hope to talk to you soon. Glad your father got out too.


  • This is really sad. I heard a breeder and possibly a competing seed bank dropped the dime on him. If that’s true, whoever it was should be ashamed of themselves.

    And what’s with all the other seed banks making donations just to advertise on the GoFundMe page? C’mon. You either want to help or you don’t.

    This is all bad. I hope they get out soon and get a good attorney or a good public defender.

  • Donate donate donate! Even after the goal has been met. These things tend to cost more and more when they drag them out. The goal set was done to cover the costs at bare minimum. These are good people. First time offenders. Instead of throwing the book at them, why not give them a break.

  • It looks like they’re trying to make an example out of these guys. I heard that most of them were first time offenders too. Nobody deserves to have an example made out of them and people who think like that (that they need to make examples of others to get a message across) are the problem.

    Leo is a rad guy and doesn’t deserve this. The article says that they were likely shipping across state lines. I wonder what the warrant was issued for exactly and why they were being surveiled.

    Did someone snitch on them? Do we know any more?

Izzy Bruno

Izzy came to Seed Bank Magazine from a cannabis magazine based in Italy. She was born and raised in Genova, Italy. She is a seasoned weed reporter. She frequents the High Times venues in California...

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