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Our authors are from all over the world. Most of them currently live in Santa Cruz, California and have been active in the cannabis and seed bank industries for a long time.

All of our authors specialize in one or more of the following cannabis seed bank industry professions: E-commerce, Breeding, Commercial Growing, SEO, Marketing, Copywriting, Payment Processing, Dispensaries.

Alexa Torrez

Alexa has been with Seed Bank Magazine since the beginning. She is a great writer and friend. When she is not in the office, she is at the beach surfing with her boyfriend.

Alexa was a Dab Queen model in 2017 before starting her work here. She was born and raised in Bird Rock (San Diego, CA) and has been visiting San Cruz ever since she was a kid.

She graduated UCLA with a Bachelor's degree in journalism.

Development Team

Izzy Bruno

Izzy came to Seed Bank Magazine from a cannabis magazine based in Italy. She was born and raised in Genova, Italy. She is a seasoned weed reporter. She frequents the High Times venues in California and overseas. She loves to take pictures of what she is writing about and she has a strong background in macro photography.

Izzy is a great writer and photographer. She helps fill in the gaps at Seed Bank Magazine and we would be lost without her.

Mark Stump

Mark and his family have been involved in online seed banks for a decade. His family's business consults for some of the biggest names in cannabis and hemp. They also specialize in seed banks.

Mark came to us because of his passion to write. He wanted to take a break from seed bank and dispensary consulting for awhile. His family is one of our biggest partners to this day.

Mark is originally from the East Coast. He went to Columbia for 3 years where he majored in business management.

Mark moved to Santa Cruz a few years ago and hasn't left the beach since he got here. He's a real beach rat and one of the funniest guys you'll ever meet.

Pat Patrick

Pat is SBM's Chief Editor. He makes the magic happen. Pat is a Dead Head and gypsy. He followed The Dead for years before settling down in Canada where he then spent the next decade moving seeds back and forth from Canada to the US. In his travels, he's worked at dispensaries and seed banks all over the globe. Pat worked in Canada at two of the most well-known seed banks before making his way to Santa Cruz.

Before Pat started working at Seed Bank Magazine, he was tasked with creating two new seed bank operations in the US from two overseas seed banks that wanted a piece of the American dream. Those two seed banks are still thriving to this day and currently sell more seeds than almost anyone else in the nation.

To those of you in the seed bank industry, you might know Pat by his nickname "Splat".

Ryan "RB" Boggs

Master breeder, horticulturist and cannabis seed aficionado Ryan B. started working on the SBM project back in 2016. He is one of the original gangsters.

R.B. was born and bred in Nor Cal. He hates text messaging, posers and people who run their mouths.

Ryan spends his days off at at cannabis events nearby. You've most likely seen him (or heard him) at one.

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Seed Bank Magazine

We are the Seed Bank Magazine Support Team! We provide support to our readers through comments and email. If you have ever received an email from [email protected], then we've already met. This...

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