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Oregon Dispensaries Carrying Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis Seeds Now at Oregon Dispensaries

Many Oregon breeders have recently made their famous cannabis genetics available in seed form. What does this mean for you? Well, if you ever feel the need to take on a grow-op of your own, these Oregonian marijuana genetics and strains are some of the best you can get. The best part – these elite cannabis seeds are now available in dispensaries all over Oregon. While we still advise you to use a trusted seed bank, we are happy to see how easily available these marijuana genetics have become.

Many of these cannabis seed breeders can also be found in some of our seed bank reviews.

The genetics that these cannabis seed breeders make available are vast. These Oregonion breeders offer something for everyone no matter what you’re looking for. Now let’s take a look at these world-class breeders from Oregon.

Archive Seed Bank
Archive Seed Bank

Archive Seed Bank

Archive Seeds is one of the canna industry’s leading genetic preservationist collectives. For many years, seed makers and growers have gathered elite, rare,  and difficult-to-find clone-only cuts.

Archive Seeds Do-Si-Dos
Archive Seeds Do-Si-Dos

Archive Seed Bank is a medical cannabis Seed Bank specializing in rare genetic preservation, research, and Heirloom clone varieties from the USA. In an attempt to preserve original cannabis clones and seed-lines, ThaDocta founded Archive Seeds in the early 2000s and distributed genetics to closed groups of talented breeders and growers. After over a decade of constant seed growing and clone only comparative analysis and exhaustive verification of authenticity, ThaDocta decided to finally make some of his breeding and rare genetics made available to growers across the planet by creating Archive Seeds.

Archive Seed Bank Strains

From state of the art growing businesses to edibles makers, some of the best quality cannabis products in the country are starting to emerge from Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. A perfect example can be found from the cannabis genetics company Archive Seeds Bank. Archive Seeds is the region’s leader in premiere cannabis strains that exhibit exquisite traits. The founder of Archive Seeds, known as The Docta has recently created an insane lineup of Do-Si-Dos with resulting crosses. Don’t miss out on Do-Si-Dos (you will never forgive yourself).

Buy Archive Seed Bank Packs Now

Oregon Elite Seeds – Archive Seed Bank
Seeds Here Now – Archive Seed Bank

Massive Seeds - Cannabis Genetics
Massive Seeds – Cannabis Genetics

Massive Seeds

Massive Seeds produces superior cannabis products in Southern Oregon’s famous Rogue Valley. Their marijuana seeds and cannabis flowers are all organically sun grown in native soil filled with earthworm castings, cover crops mineral amendments, green manure, mulch, and biology techniques of living soil. Massive Seeds motto is “keep the best and throw away the rest.”

Massive Seeds - Huge Cannabis Plants
Massive Seeds – Huge Cannabis Plants

Their cannabis genetics create some of the most significant yields around. Massive Seeds knows you will be more than satisfied with the enormous potency, trichomes, aromas, and unmatched vigor that their weed seeds produce.

Massive Seeds Strains

The third-generation Oregonian growers and extract makers behind Massive Seeds have farmed the same land in Southern Oregon since 1975. That’s a long time. The whole Massive Seeds operation operates entirely on native soil, full-sun, and living organics.

Since back in the day, Massive Seeds has implemented cultivars bred for (and in) the bioregion. Massive Seeds established their business in 2010 within the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program. They now contribute to the state’s adult-use market through the family farm, presently called “Roganja”.

More Breeders Coming Soon!

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Alexa has been with Seed Bank Magazine since the beginning. She is a great writer and friend. When she is not in the office, she is at the beach surfing with her boyfriend.

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Alexa Torrez

Alexa has been with Seed Bank Magazine since the beginning. She is a great writer and friend. When she is not in the office, she is at the beach surfing with her boyfriend. Alexa was a Dab Queen...

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