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Cherry Blossom Feminized - Fortuna Hemp
Cherry Blossom Feminized - Fortuna Hemp

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom Hemp Nugs
Cherry Blossom Hemp Nugs

The Cherry Blossom feminized hemp strain has become a huge success amongst farmers and small-scale growers in 2019. Cherry Blossom is fairly easy to grow and is perfect for high CBD industrial hemp production. The genetic lineage of this strain has been tricky to track down as many of the US hemp seed banks are carrying only feminized versions of this cultivar. And their genetic lineage is, of course, Cherry Blossom x Cherry Blossom. Whatever Berry Blossom was crossed with to create this mouthwatering cultivar, it intensified the berry taste and made it a perfect choice for smokers with low THC requirements.

Cherry Blossom Feminized Plant
Cherry Blossom Feminized Plant

Cherry Blossom produces extremely dense and healthy seeds that stand up to all types of outdoor environments. She produces potent hemp flowers with high levels of CBD and low levels of THC. This strain is great for afternoon pain relief no matter how it is consumed.

Cherry Blossom characteristics consist of herbal undertones and mixed berry flavors with a cherry twist. When we sampled Cherry Blossom, smoking more or less flower made a huge difference in sedative effects. Smoking more of Cherry Blossom made us feel like we were melting in our chairs while easing any anxiety we might have felt.

Cherry Blossom Hemp Plant
Cherry Blossom Hemp Plant

Our hemp farm partners told us that when planting on 4-foot centers, they averaged around 2,000 pounds of high-quality, whole dry material for each acre. Hemp farmers of all experience levels will find nothing but success with Cherry Blossom.

Inhale: Cherry with Berry Undertones
Exhale: Smooth Berry Pineapple
Taste: Sweet Cherries
Effects: Warm & Calming
Medical: Relieves Anxiety & Headaches
Flowering Time: 9 Weeks – Mid October
CBD Levels: 12-19%

Anxiety Relief/Calming 100%
Pain Relief 85%
Relaxed 55%
Sedative 50%

Smells Like - Cannabis

Tastes Like - Cannabis


Photo Credits: Fortuna Hemp (2019)

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