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COVID-19 & Seed Bank Magazine

COVID-19 & Seed Bank Magazine

As I’m sure you’ve already noticed, Seed Bank Magazine has not been publishing any new articles on our website or on Google News since the COVID-19 outbreak. One of our traveling reporters was infected with COVID-19 while overseas covering a story on American breeders who had moved out of the country before the USA made cannabis legal in many states.

Since one of our own was infected, we had to shut down everything and quarantine. We had all been in contact with her when she came back and we needed to get tested. We needed our offices professionally cleaned and sanitized as well.

Seed Bank News Will Return Soon

It has been months now and we are slowly getting back into the office to start publishing again. To all those who voted and participated in our Best Seed Bank (Seed Bank of the Year) and Best Seed Bank Professionals ballots, we will start right back where we left off. There is still a lot of preparation for this next year’s awards and much has changed since then. We have learned a lot since last year’s contests. And like last year, we will be contracting out our ballots to a 3rd party for the 2020 Seed Bank Awards, All yearly ballots will be contracted out to a different 3rd party e-voting system every year.

Seed Bank Magazine was the first to officially hold a Seed Bank of the Year Awards., Don’t be fooled by the random pop-up award sites that were created shortly afterwards. We are aware of at least two seed banks that created “seed bank of the year” award contests for themselves after we held ours. Why? To balance the outcome of our official contest and to try and mess up our search rankings. You can usually tell who made the website by whomever they deemed the best seed bank on their website. Unlike the other websites, we are not owned by anyone.

All in all, the Seed Bank and Seed Bank Professional Awards went quite well. There were a few seed banks that cut ties with us either because they didn’t win, or because their staff did not start their campaigns in time and blamed us. One of the larger seed banks even threatened to sue us. We are an official news source (check us out on Google) and we don’t have time to waste fighting with upset infants.

To The Seed Bank Magazine Haters:

All the seed banks and owners that made a fuss about the awards ended up screwing themselves even more. In their hopes and efforts to get us shutdown or put us out of business, all they did was create a buzz that worked in our favor. With all the whining and complaining from the seed banks that felt they should have won and the owners who made an effort to shut us up, our interest level increased over 400% in just 30 days following the contests – Resulting in a few investors taking an interest in our small operation here. With these new opportunities that were presented to us, we might have our print magazine out even sooner than we originally thought.Β 

We thank you for your continued support and we hope to see more of you soon.

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  • What a load of crap. The haters will always hate. They will never change. When I open my seed bank it will be a drama free zone. No BS. Just seeds. Shame on all you haters.

  • OMG! That’s what they get. There is no such thing as bad publicity.

    I know who the 2 seed banks were that started a fuss about the contests and they got what they deserved. You are the only straight up news sources for seed bank news. They complained to others and all they did was advertise you guys for free.

    If any of you reading this has ever gotten to know any of the seed bank owners, you know that some of them are two-faced pieces of garbage. They sit in little bubbles like they are celebrities. They see themselves as bigger than the breeders they carry. I don’t know who started this false sense of importance that some of these seed bank owners live by, but it’s pretty stupid. Then came this dog thing. The owner of oregon elite seed bank had this really cool little bulldog of some sort. Later on,many of the other seed bank owners started buying miniature dogs and it became this thing. The other seed banks ruined it for oes. I remember always seeing the owner of oes with a cool little dog and it was kinda their (OES’s) thing that I would expect when I would go to the events. Then everyone else started doing it and it kinda ruined things. These guys brag and exaggerate so much that it has become annoying.

    For example:

    Just last week one of the owners of seeds here now mentioned to a friend of mine (also in the biz) they were going to need to talk something over with their marketing team before they moved forward on this project they had. The way this guy talked about his opertion was a little odd. He made it sound like they had this huge team of professionals at their disposal. After some digging and a few phone calls, I found out this marketing department was one person. After looking even further, this one guy wasnt even a professional…. He just happened to be best friends with the owner and had a tiny marketing background not even worth mentioning. Then I found out that the guy who said he was part owner of seeds here now really wasnt even part owner. Seriously? Yeah…

    I hope you got what I was trying to get across. I am not trying to put down seeds here now, they arent that bad, they just over exaggerate a little from time to time.. But some of them really are bad. Some of these seed bank owners arent good business owners and they dont have any real sense of how to be professional.

    Now all the owners who this applies to will hate on me. Either here or in the forums or social. Thats just how they are.

Seed Bank Magazine

We are the Seed Bank Magazine Support Team! We provide support to our readers through comments and email. If you have ever received an email from [email protected], then we've already met. This...

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