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Diet Dank

Diet Dank is a new online CBD hemp flower dispensary that opened its doors just a few weeks ago. We visited their website during their soft opening, and all we can say is, “Wow.” Their website is a real step up in quality and design compared to most other CBD hemp shops. When visiting their new website, the first thing you notice is the beautiful structure they have laid out on the front page. The Diet Dank website is filled with lots of exciting blog posts, news articles, and hemp flower. When we visited them during their soft opening, we noticed they were only carrying a strain of theirs called Early Bird Special. We recently went back to their website, we were able to scrape all their pages and get a keen look into the products they plan on selling in the upcoming months.


Diet Dank scored 100% in all the most important review categories:

  • Shipping Speed
  • Shipping Discreetness
  • Customer Support
  • Premium CBD Hemp Flower
  • Premium CBG Hemp Flower

What does Diet Dank have to do with Seed Banks?

More than you might think. The biggest reason we decided to report on Diet Dank was because of big-time seed bank industry players involved. The owner of Diet Dank, Bodhi Urban, is a world-renowned cannabis and hemp seed breeder who has been around and active for many years. Bodhi has partnered with Fortuna Hemp owner Gu~ to create an online hemp dispensary, unlike any other online hemp flower shop around. With all the current choices out there for CBD and CBG hemp flower, there really aren’t any online hemp dispensaries that specialize in quality, top-shelf, small-batch, boutique, indoor premium hemp flower like the hemp Bodhi Urban has to offer.

Still… Why Diet Dank?

We have decided to open up our review and news content to include other American US-based hemp and cannabis businesses. While our main focus is seed banks in the USA, we have made the choice to also include other hemp and cannabis businesses. We promise that we will only report on US-based hemp/cannabis businesses and that our main focus will always remain (US seed banks). There won’t be any hemp flower awards or cannabis flower awards. We may start including hemp seed banks in our awards in 2021, but we aren’t 100% sure yet.

Hemp Flower Trust Factor


Bodhi’s High Grade Hemp, or HGH, has become the go-to online source for all things hemp related. If you are looking for hemp starts or hemp seeds, look no further. HGH has a premium selection of hemp products that they offer all backed by the one and only Bodhi Urban.

Diet Dank is backed by the same team that runs Fortuna Hemp and HGH Seeds. You can always expect top of the line CBD hemp flower from Diet Dank.

Diet Dank’s Best Selling Hemp Flower

Early Bird Hemp Flower - Diet Dank
Early Bird CBD Hemp Flower

Early Bird is a classic autoflowering smokable hemp variety with a skunky, piney scent and a spicy, full-bodied flavor. This third-party outdoor selection produces a thick smoke that lingers in the back of the throat well after exhale.

Expert growers harvested its plump, bright green buds at the optimal time to improve flavor and overall cannabinoid profile. With delicate handling, a careful cure, and special air-tight, opaque packaging, these Early Bird smokable hemp buds can store easily for up to six months (though we doubt they’ll last that long).

White CBG Hemp Flower - Smokable CBG White Hemp Bud - Diet Dank
White CBG Hemp Flower

White CBG hemp flower is incredibly popular among American hemp consumers. The dense buds boast an attractive array of colors beneath a white trichome blanket. Notably, CBG White contains extremely low THC levels while maintaining a potent cannabinoid profile.

In fact, White CBG contains up to 20 percent CBG and has a THC percentage well-below 0.3 percent hemp threshold. As such, consuming this indica-dominant hemp cultivar will not cause anyone to feel “high,” though it might make them feel a whole lot better anyway.

Diet Dank hemp flower is our new favorite smokable hemp flower dispensary. We were able to get in on their free eighth promotion and were able to try a few different hemp strains. These CBD and CBG hemp buds we received were out of this world. Frosty, sticky, and tasty. We were able to tell a real difference between their White CBG and the Early Bird CBD hemp flowers and it gave us a whole new outlook on CBG hemp flower. Because they are new, their prices are quite low. Who knows how long that will last though….

Diet Dank has a wonderful blog too. Lots of interesting articles and information with new posts every day.

Stop By Diet Dank today!

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  • I won a free eighth from these guys and let me tell ya, it was some of the best CBD hemp flower I’ve ever smoked. All the other places I tried online for hemp flower were never up to par with diet dank’s quality. Bodhi is behind this company, so you can expect only the best. The hemp flower they sent me (early bird) looked like frosty cannabis buds. I had never saw hemp flower that looked like this before. The smoke was smooth and the feeling was relaxing but not overwhelming. I was still able to work and do so pain free.

    You should really check them out. Especially if you’ve been smoking that cbd hemp direct crap.


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We are the Seed Bank Magazine Support Team! We provide support to our readers through comments and email. If you have ever received an email from [email protected], then we've already met. This...

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