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For Seed Banks & Breeders

If you are a seed bank or breeder, you are can submit a request to have your page published. This will cost you nothing and there are no strings attached. With this page, you will get a review section where people can leave you reviews. SBM will also leave you and author review on your page. Your page will be written by one of our professionals and then it will get optimized for search engine optimization to help drive traffic to your website.

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Yes. We want to help US breeders and seed banks widen their audiences.


We will re-review and update your page once every two years for free. There are costs involved to have SBM re-review your website or update your page if you need it done before the next free update. We employ some of the top professionals in the industry and it costs us a good deal of money just to put up your free page. Many seed banks are fine with their initial review and the free page updates every two years. Costs for updating information on your page or re-reviewing your seed bank will vary by seed bank. Breeders do not have to pay anything to update their pages. To re-review or update your seed bank page, please contact Seed Bank Magazine support at [email protected]

How can I get comments/reviews removed?

You cannot. We at SBM are 100% transparent and unbiased. We only remove reviews and comments that violate our Terms Of Use.

Can I pay to have comments/reviews removed?

No. Don’t ask. We moderate all the content on SBM and we will remove any inappropriate comments/reviews.

Can I Respond To Comments?


Can a customer request to edit or remove their comment/review?

Yes. We understand that customers change their minds a lot. If a customer left a bad review and for some reason changed their mind (maybe after you fixed their problem), they can request and edit or removal. But only once.

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