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Legal Statement

Legal Statement

Freedom of the Press & Freedom of Speech – Our Legal Stance

We will not be taking down anything anymore. All content and images stay up. And anyone threatening us with legal action will be sued in return for threatening our rights as Americans to practice freedom of speech and freedom of the press. We now have all whistleblowers, reporters, and sources file legally binding contracts that only a judge may view to confirm all third-party content is authentic. If you want to sue us because you don’t like what your customers or employees say about you, then do it. Just be prepared to pay our out-of-pocket costs and damages when you do. We have been sued several times already, and we have never been found at fault. We have also been awarded between $10k-$200k in every single case for harassment and damages.

We affirm and declare under penalty of perjury that all content on Seed Bank Magazine has been vetted and that the sources were checked and confirmed with due diligence. In addition, we do our best to check all reviews for spam. Finally, whenever there is a negative review left, we ensure the person exists and have them verify their review with invoices, photos, and anything else they have to provide.

Seed Bank Owners Should Read This & Know Their Rights

From now on, we will publicly post all threats of legal action on this website. A threat is a threat, and if you threaten us with legal actions, we will sue you for harassment and threatening us. That is a promise. Our Christmas bonuses are based on stupid business owners who tried to take us to court each year. Before you threaten to take anyone to court, actually do your research first. If you threaten us, you haven’t done enough research. How is that? Because we are not liable for what others post. All you will do is spend tens of thousands in attorney fees. And in the end, you will end up paying our expenses, for our time, and for whatever we countersued for. Judges don’t like having their time wasted, and they tend to hate seed bank owners to begin with.

By using this website or communicating with this website (or both), you agree to having the content of your threats and harassments publicly displayed with your business (if any) or on a newly created page just for you titled “your-name threatens us” (or similar). You will also be sued for trying to scare us, bully us, or do whatever you try to do to get us to take anything down illegally. Only punks make threats behind a firewall, and everyone who has threatened us or ran their mouths at us from afar would never step to us or say anything when we met in person.

What is Online Defamation / Cyber Libel?

Defamation is a false statement (that you must prove) about someone made to someone else publicly that results in some type of harm. For seed banks, they would claim monetary harm.

Remember one thing; once you claim monetary damages, if you are a business, you will not need to prove anything because you just gave the authorities and the IRS full access to your books and other financial records for your business, including tax records. This way, they can confirm these “losses.” And they have the right to audit you if they feel things look “off.” So if you wrote off a candy bar last year by mistake or your taxes are in any way are not 100%, you will be opening yourself up to the worse kind of legal problems. It happened to one seed bank that attempted to sue us for damages in 2020. They no longer exist, and they are on a payment plan for the next 12 years to pay us for when we countersued them for harassment.

If a statement is true, itโ€™s not defamatory. BUT, opinions are protected speech. In order to be defamatory, the content must be proven without a doubt, false.

On any website, calling someone a “floozy” or a “b*tch” may be offensive speech, but it is not defamation as a matter of law, since how can it really be proven true or false? However, if a post states that someone is a convicted felon, if untrue, it qualifies as defamation since one can provide police records to prove (or disprove) the claim.

The content that is published here contains rumors, speculation, assumptions, opinions, and factual information. Postings may contain erroneous or inaccurate data. All images are credited to their original location. The owners of this site do not ensure the accuracy of any content presented on How could they? Even with sworn statements from customers declaring what they say is true, they can still lie. Seed Bank Magazine gives up any and all liabilities to the originators of the content.

We have been sued and had charges brought against us a handful of times, but we have won every court case and countersued, making excellent Christmas bonuses for our team. We actually keep records of all the data and content sources we use. So before you make an idiot out of yourself because your customers got mad at you and decided they were going to post a negative review (and you thought you could sue us for libel or losses), remember something; you have to prove that the customer was lying without a doubt. And even then, you go after the customer, not us. Time is money, and when you waste our time, the courts will make you pay for it. And did you know you can be sued for threatening legal action against someone now? A threat is a threat. If you threaten us, we will sue. And that’s not a threat; it’s a fact. The days of big seed banks bullying people, blogs, news sources, and stealing genetics are over.ย 

Business owners who cannot receive constructive criticism for what it is shouldn’t be running a business.ย You can’t make everyone happy. Seed banks with perfect scores do not realize how shady it looks. It is not possible to have 2500 sales with 5-star reviews. It is literally impossible. Make sure to look out for seed banks that look too good to be true because they likely are.

If You Want to Take us to Court

Just do it. Don’t email us and threaten legal action because we will sue you for harassing us. We don’t lose. You deal in seeds; we deal in news. And we know the news. We know the legalities around our rights to freedom of the press and freedom of speech (remember, the First Amendment). So if you cannot prove without an absolute doubt that something we printed or posted is false, and you can disprove the evidence (legally binding forms whistleblowers, ex-employees, and customers sign when they are involved in any article). We have been taken to court by the most prominent seed banks already. We have an attorney at our disposal whenever you decide to file those papers.

Updated September of 2021

This document was written by Seed Bank Mag and then audited and edited for mistakes by our legal team. All statements made are factual unless otherwise noted.

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