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Guest Posting Guidelines

Guest Posting Guidelines

Seed Bank Magazine has opened up guest posting opportunities to US-based cannabis seed banks, hemp seed banks, and independent writers.

  • These guest posts are limited to cannabis strain articles, hemp strain articles, seed news, and breeder articles about US-based seed banks and breeders only.
  • Please do not email us about anything else you would like to write about.
  • The article has to link to a cannabis seed bank website or news source concerning US-based cannabis/hemp stories.
  • Each guest post may have up to three backlinks in each article. Each link may go to any page or website of your choice. We will add the rest of the links if you dont want to.
  • 1000 word count minimum on all articles.
  • All guest writers are allowed to submit one strain article per week and one breeder article per week.

Please use the “Strain Submissions” link below to submit Strains and Breeder articles. We will put up a separate Breeder submission soon.

Strain Submissions

We also allow news contributions that concern US cannabis and hemp seeds news. You will get credited along with a link to a page or website of your choice and a profile image.

Article Submissions

For already completed articles in .doc or .docx format, please email them to use with images to:

[email protected]

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