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Cannabis Seeds Ratings & Guidelines

Rating Guidlines

On November 12th of 2018, our parent business brought an enormous set of guidelines to Instagram and Facebook so they could be publically voted on. Unfortunately, these guidelines have since been removed after another seed bank reported the page for no reason other than to make our jobs more difficult. It was a page with a set of guidelines and thats all. We all know how easy it is to have something removed from Facebook if we report it enough. Usually, upon an appeal, social media platforms are forced to check on their automated account closures and will restore the page. We had done this once already and while it was nice to have the guidelines back up, we realized we would be forced to appeal this decision every time someone wanted to take it down. So we gave up this last time and are in the process of posting the guidelines here on our website. The only reason they were on Facebook was so that the people voting and filling out surveys would have immediate access to the guidelines through the platform that we were hosting the elections and surveys on.

Seed Bank Magazine did not want to use guidelines that were biased and created by other review sources. We wanted to rate and review based on what matters most – the consumers.

“When it all comes down to it, the readers and customers are what matters most”

Over 16k people voted on 20 multiple-choice questions in 2018. Over 22k people voted in 2019, over 25k in 2020, and hopefully the numbers will continue to climb when we start everything back up after COVID-19 is gone.

Every year we have continued to gather more and more data on what seed bank customers want. We have no paid partnerships with any seed banks, and we never will. We do offer advertisement spots for seed banks, but they have nothing to do with us or how we vote, rate, and review (and are usually given away for free as part of contests). As of 2022, we have yet to sell a single ad space on Seed Bank Magazine. Our guidelines used to be posted here for everyone to see, but it became a problem, and we were forced to take them down due to one seed bank trying to manipulate their data ahead of time. Sucks huh? We know.

The good news is that we rate, review, and vote on all things using an utterly unbiased set of principles. We do not remove reviews or comments (unless they violate our Terms Of Use), and we do not take bribes. We know that our website is one of a kind. There are not many US seed bank news sources, and the ones that report on cannabis seed bank news are not 100% transparent.


Updated March 9th, 2022

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