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On November 12th of 2018, our parent business brought an enormous set of guidelines to Instagram and Facebook so they could be publically voted on.

Seed Bank Magazine did not want to use guidelines that were biased and created by other review sources. We wanted to rate our reviews on what matters most – the consumers.

“When it all comes down to it, the readers and customers are what matters most”

Over 12k people voted on 20 multiple choice questions.

The following 3 stipulations are used for all website reviews made by our staff:

  1. When referring to the current total of customers, use the number of customers that have been active within the last 90 days (or 3 months). Newsletter signups do not matter.
  2. When referring to the size of a business, obtain the number of products in-stock on the 1st of the month, for 12 months (one year)h. Then take each months current in-stock numbers and average them. The number of products listed that aren’t in stock and the number of categories listed does not matter.
  3. When referring to sales made within a time period, all refunds, cancellation and fraudulent orders will not be taken into consideration. Guest orders will be counted (minus refunds, cancellations, and fraudulent orders).

Number One will be used in measuring which seed bank has a larger customer database (who has more customers).

Number Two will be used to define the largest seed bank. Voters said that when they read about one business being bigger than the other, they expected that the largest store currently carried the most products within the last year. The voters said that they hated when they arrived at a store that listed many brand names that had no stock and that if the stores haven’t carried any products for the brand within the last 30 days, they should remove the brand/categories altogether.

Unfortunately, this is an SEO technique that all businesses must use to keep current rankings in search engines. Whether or not businesses want to only list the brands and products they currently have in stock, they don’t have much of a choice.

In regards to seed banks, there are not many that remove the past strains and past breeders they once carried. And just because they carried a certain strain at one point, we cannot count that against their rating. Why? First of all, because this is what consumers decided most to them. Secondly, because another seed bank could have carried the same strain and had more or less stock at one point or another. Not only that, but one seed bank might have sold more than the other. This is why we decide the biggest seed bank of the year based on their what they seed packs they had in-stock over the last year. And why we take current size ratings (for seed bank reviews) based on the current number of listings they currently have in stock.

Number Three will be used when measuring which seed banks had the most sales.

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