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Review Takedowns

Review Takedowns

If you believe a review about you or your business is not real (fake, spam, revenge, etc), please email us and we will make sure that we can verify the source is real. If the source exists, you will be responsible for tracking them down (we don’t work for you). If nobody responds within 30 days to the request to verify their review, it will be taken down. If you would like to hire someone to track down a customer for you, find a PI or someone else to find your customer.

When you email us, you might want to start off by asking nicely. We don’t have to take down anything we don’t want to. If you email us acting all hard, you will be blocked from contact and will never have another chance to talk with us.

Takedowns exchange for Seed Banks

With some articles, there will be rules barring us from taking anything down before something else is done to make things right with a customer or employee. Meaning that you will not have any options for removing anything until you fix things with your customers or an employee or whoever is involved. In some cases, we will pledge to the individual that we will not work with a seed bank until they make things right first. If you are one of those seed bank owners, don’t waste your time or ours. Do what you need to to make things right and then come to us with proof.

You cannot successfully sue us for providing a platform for people to practice freedom of speech. Many have tried and not a single one prevailed. You may think that you are different, but you are not. There are tens of thousands of review websites out there that exist with negative reviews and there is nothing you can do to change it. Now if they are lying in the review, then that is not right. Still, not our problem. Nobody is perfect. Suck it up and realize you cannot make everyone happy. If we see an issue or pattern, we will handle it.

Bad Seed Bank Reviews making things hard?

If you got a bad review or an article written about you, then something is wrong and you can easily make changes and we will do the same once we see they have been made. We are only reviewing from a total of 60 plus years working with seeds, so it’s not like we know what we are talking about or anything. If you got a bad review, that is because your seed bank it not stepping up and is not on the basic level of decency. That’s all we want. Nobody else is keeping any of the seed banks in check, and so we decided we would be the only 100% true and honest source for Google News on seed banks.

Don’t make yourself look stupid

You don’t need to be a stereotype (like most seed bank owners), email us, accuse us, or threaten us. It will not change anything. We do not care how scary you are or how gangster your attorney is. We have a half-mil on retainer and we have never lost a case. We have always walked away with a countersuit and a good chunk of change. So before you start popping off, think about your options. We love traveling and we really enjoy vacations (which is what we will be doing when we take all your money for harassing us). It is 2021, you can go around acting like a tough guy, threatening people with lawsuits anymore (you seed banks know who you are). We will be reviewing every seed bank we can. If you have a problem, go to Trust Pilot and try to get a legitimate negative review removed from there and see where you get. We are much more of a pain than them. You should check into who the owners are before you start running your mouth at us and end up having some real problems.

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