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Seed Bank Industry Awards 2019
Seed Bank Industry Awards 2019

Seed Bank Industry Awards 2019

Seed Bank Magazine is hosting the 2019 Seed Bank Industry Awards to recognize the absolute best of the best seed bank industry professionals. You may not be aware of this, but the cannabis (and hemp) seed bank industry is one of the most difficult industries to master. Most seed banks are e-commerce based and don’t have brick and mortar stores you can walk into. These are the seed banks industry pro’s we are talking about. There aren’t enough walk-in seed banks to vote with yet, but we are sure there will be soon.

This IS NOT a contest for the Best Seed Bank. This contest is for the best individuals that work in the seed bank industry. A contest for the Best Seed Bank is here.
Some seed banks did not participate. We made every attempt to make this contest well-know in advance, but many seed banks still did not ever announce the contest to their customers (the voters). Because of this, the seed banks who did not participate did not have many votes. As we had explained close to 50x times over the timeline of this contest, this ballot was by popular vote and was handled by a 3rd-party we contracted that handles official online voting systems. This voting system is bonded and insured in the state of California. SBM employees were not allowed to vote. This contest was customer-driven.

What is so hard about succeeding in the seed bank industry?

Many of the traditional tools and techniques that are used to build and market online businesses are not available to cannabis and hemp seed banks. Imagine not being able to advertise your brand or business anywhere. That’s right. Forget about Facebook and Instagram advertising (or even posting in many cases). Facebook has become a nightmare for cannabis seed bank owners and marketers. You can barely post images of the seeds and strains you sell. Instagram used to be a less restrictive option you could turn to, but they have started coming down hard too. Looking for a way to accept credit or debit cards at your seed bank? Get in line. Unless you are willing to make a deal with the devil, you could be paying anywhere between 10%-35% in processing fees to sell cannabis seeds (you can now use Square for hemp seeds). How about using Google Ads? Don’t even ask.


Marketing executives that try to work in the seed bank industry rarely make it. They think they know what to do, but they can almost never come to fully grasp the differences. Most semi-successful seed bank marketers don’t have any marketing experience at all. These semi-professionals may do their job well at a lower level of responsibility, but when it comes to becoming a marketing officer or executive, they fall short. Our partners interviewed a few seed bank marketing executives this year and 4 out of the 5 had absolutely had no idea what they were doing. The worst part was the CEO’s had no clue…

And these are only a few of the obstacles that seed bank industry professionals are forced to deal with on an everyday basis. The list goes on. No matter what direction you look in, there’s always going to be red tape and a dozen hoops to jump through. As a seed bank business owner, you know how hard it is to find good help. Finding the best was never an option.

Until now

Individual Achievement Awards

We want to award those seed bank professionals that really make a difference. Maybe if you’re lucky you can hire one of these lucky men or women. The winners of this contest will be the best and most trustworthy professionals in the field. If the winner is currently working at a seed bank, you will still have choices. The other nominees will be great options as well.

The cannabis seed bank industry is one of the most difficult industries to master.

Seed bank industry professionals are a different breed. You have to be the best of the best to make a name for yourself and even better to make a living working in seed banks. Most seed bank owners we talk with don’t know who to call when they need help. There isn’t exactly a craigslist for seed bank professionals to post.

Best Seed Bank Social Media Marketing Professionals
Nomination Category

Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the few outlets that seed banks can advertise with posts. Many social media websites have banned any type of advertising, but you can still post and you can still drive traffic to your seed bank if you really know what you are doing. Who is the best social media marketing professional in the seed bank industry?

Johnny CannaSeed

Best Seed Bank Website Designer
Nomination Category

Web Design

It takes just about 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) for consumers to form an opinion of your website that determines whether they like it or not. Your web design can be the deciding trust factor. If you don’t have a good-looking website, it can be the demise of your seed bank. Who has the best looking seed bank website? Who built it? Cast your votes.

Tank Shake

Best Seed Bank SEO Professional
Nomination Category

Search Engine Optimization

Right now, SEO presence is the most important factor in the seed bank industry. Without it, you can only get so far. Everyone searches and the majority of people make their choices based on search positions. Over 95% actually. The difference between #1 and #2 can be night and day in many search scenarios. Who is the best search engine optimization professional in the seed bank industry?

Tank Shake

Best Seed Bank Business Consultant
Nomination Category

Business Consulting

Seed bank business consulting can be very helpful. Most importantly, it’s vital to get an outside look from others who have experience in the industry. We want to know who the best seed bank business consultant is and why.

Jon Hofer

Best Seed Bank Graphic Designer & Strain Images
Nomination Category

Graphic Design

We aren’t just looking for the best seed bank website graphic designer, we are looking for the best all-around seed bank industry graphic designer. Who creates the best looking strain images, social media graphics, website graphics and more. Graphics tie in with all aspects of a seed bank and a good graphic designer is key to keeping your customers excited. Who has the best eye-catching graphics in the seed bank industry and who makes them?

Pass The Buck Owen

Seed Bank Web Hosting
Nomination Category

Web Hosting

Web hosting is the backbone of your e-commerce business and if you arent spending good money on a good web host, then you won’t ever be able to grow. Web hosting is also a part of SEO and can really hurt your search engine optimization if your site is too slow. Make sure you have a great web host that you can easily scale at any time. Make sure your web host includes strong security options in their services. Who was the best seed bank web host this last year? You tell us.
You may nominate an agency or an individual in this category

Chronic Stacks

Seed Bank Content Best
Nomination Category

Content Writing

Writing those breathtaking strain descriptions and newsletters is no easy task. Copywriters have to use just the right balance of content to keep your customers interested. Cannabis and hemp strain descriptions are hard to write too. We have seen many great copywriters fail when it comes to writing content for cannabis and hemp. A special type of copywriter is needed to write content for the cannabis industry. Who writes the best cannabis and hemp content in the seed bank industry? You tell us.

Abby Hash

Why no marketing category?

Through years of research and experience, we have found that general high-level marketing executive jobs don’t have a place in seed banks. The other areas that are part of marketing (like social media and content), or related to marketing (like SEO), are far more important to a seed bank’s success in the current market. Remember, many of the general tools and techniques used in marketing e-commerce businesses are not available to seed banks. Seed banks rely a lot more heavily on other routes to success and this requires individual specialists in the marketing or marketing-related fields.

How do the nominations work?

After the nominees are chosen, we will run a final vote to award the best individuals. Nominations in all categories for this ballot will end at 12:00 pm on 1/1/2020 (PST). The official nominees shall be posted on 1/27/2020 at 12:00 pm and then the final vote will start.

The final vote will end on 2/29/2020 at 12:00 pm (PST). All ballots are then closed and no more votes are to be accepted.

The results are to be posted on Monday, March 2nd 2020

NOTE: We updated the timeline for this contest to allow more time for nominations.

Will there be a first and second place?

Only first-place winners will be awarded in this ballot. Any close nominees will get recognized, but they will not be awarded.

What will the winners get?

First Place Winners In Each Category Will Receive:

  • A Trophy
  • A website badge displaying “home of award winner”
  • A full-page on our website dedicated to a personal biography of the winner, including any information they would like (must be confirmable)
  • Grand Prize: A chance to win an all expenses paid vacation to Pebble Beach for two people that includes airfare for two people, 18 holes on the world famous Pebble Beach Golf Course for two people, all meals picked up by Seed Bank Magazine, and a room for two people at The Lodge in Pebble Beach! Each winner in each category will have their name entered in a draw to win. Out of the 7 winners, only one will win the Grand Prize.

Every year, this contest will grow bigger and bigger. We hope to host a physical event and venue in the very near future. If you are interested in helping out, please contact us here or email us at [email protected]

All award winners will be interviewed and then undergo a number of checks to validate any information we write about them. Please do not submit any false information about the person you are voting for.
We are using a state of the art email voting system that will recognize multiple submissions by the same person, so please only vote once. Anyone voting more than once in a category will lose their vote and their right to vote in the future.

All vote are being handled by an outside agency to ensure 100% transparency.
If you are a seed bank owner or employee, please DO NOT use your business email address to cast votes. Use your own email address on your own time. You may nominate your co-workers and employees, just as long as you aren’t using a seed bank email address to cast your votes.

Seed Bank Industry Award Nominees

Social Media Marketing Nominees

Social Media Marketing Professional Of 2019


Johhny CannaSeed


Web Design Nominees

Web Design Professional Of 2019

Seed Bank Designs

Chronic Built

Tank Shake

SEO Nominees

Search Engine Optimization Professional Of 2019

Gabriella Nunez

Tank Shake

Chris Buckley

Business Consultant Nominees

Business Consultant Professional Of 2019

Michael Caddy Calwell

Tank Shake

Jon Hofer

Graphic Design Nominees

Graphic Design Professional Of 2019

Pass The Buck Owen


THC Graphics

Web Hosting Nominees

Web Hosting Professional Of 2019

WP Engine

Chronic Stacks

Amazon Cloud

Content Writing Nominees

Content Writing Professional Of 2019


Abby Hash

Andrew Ward

Pat Patrick

Pat is SBM's Chief Editor. He makes the magic happen. Pat is a Dead Head and gypsy. He followed The Dead for years before settling down in Canada where he then spent the next decade moving seeds back and forth from Canada to the US. In his travels, he's worked at dispensaries and seed banks all over the globe. Pat worked in Canada at two of the most well-known seed banks before making his way to Santa Cruz.

Before Pat started working at Seed Bank Magazine, he was tasked with creating two new seed bank operations in the US from two overseas seed banks that wanted a piece of the American dream. Those two seed banks are still thriving to this day and currently sell more seeds than almost anyone else in the nation.

To those of you in the seed bank industry, you might know Pat by his nickname "Splat".



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  • I met [redacted] from [seeed bank name redacted] at the end of 2019 and let me tell you, this guy should have been voted biggest crybaby. Seeing him as a candidate is a joke. I know you outsourced voting so I cannot give you any sh*t for it, but I don’t get who would vote for him. You know those hipsters that run their mouths over the phone but then step down like little b*tches when sh”t gets real? That’s [redacted]. He is a nobody.

  • Awe man…. Well I am glad I voted still. Thank you for creating this contest. Will the winners be available for jobs or are they all already employed?

  • I am voting for Gu! He is a rad guy and one of the only successful breeder owned seed banks around. After JJ announced in High Times about him not caring if breeders use stardawg to cross with, I headed over to Greenpoint Seeds to check their stock (after readin some forums tips on where to find dank stardawg seeds) and have been a loyal customer ever since. The crosses Greenpoint makes are out of this world.

  • when are the winners going to get announced? can we hire any of these individuals or are they already employed elsewhere?

    i have heard of a few of these nominees and i am excited to see the results!

  • Everybody: Save the shortlist

    A stellar job finding these talents. Will you also interview them and offer their contact information? We have been in the process of hiring a new social media director for over a year and when we were told by one of our board members to check here around February, we were excited to see what you came up with.

    The seed bank industry is totally different than the rest of the cannabis industries and as such, deserves its own base of operations for news, recognitions, and jobs. We also heard you would be adding a job posting section and a forum. Genius.

    This type of voting system is the only real way to get the right results. We don’t care about what a panel had to say, as people can easily be or become biased. The more people that like an idea or a person will vote. And taking any negativity out of the process rings it out further. The spam and malicious profiles email ballot system is one of the best systems to use.

    We’ll head back in a few weeks for the results. Take your time, as many are counting on you for this data.

  • Our firm has waited over a year for these awards to drop. We participated in your special interests FB group that was all about the voting system and how you would structure all of the ballots and contests. So it was really interesting to see it happen. Are you also going to hold another ballot judged by a panel? On FB you had decided to do one like this and one with a panel.

  • When is the deadline for votes? What if everyone at my company is voting and all the votes come from the same ip? Will the voting system know how to handle these?

    • The deadline will be posted soon.

      Please, if you own a seed bank, do not vote from your seed bank email address. Same with your staff.

      The voting system is extremely accurate at 100%.


        • I’m not sure I understand what you mean friend.

          I am a seed bank owner and u was wondering if the other people at my work could cast votes too.

          This isn’t a contest for the best seed bank. It’s a contest for the best professionals in the seed bank industry. If other people want to vote for who they think was the best business consultant we hired this year to help us through a hard time, why shouldn’t they be able to?

          • I was just referring to the upcoming voting. If a large company just has all their employees in house voting for themselves it would be bias. Ya know? By all means if you guys had a bad ass business consultant that deserves it you should all vote for him/her.

Pat Patrick

Pat is SBM's Chief Editor. He makes the magic happen. Pat is a Dead Head and gypsy. He followed The Dead for years before settling down in Canada where he then spent the next decade moving seeds back...

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